Hotels near Rod Lee Bigelow Health Sciences Building

Nearby Places
Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Development Center (0.1 miles)
Juanita Greer White Life Sciences Building (0.1 miles)
Robert L Bigelow Physics Building (0.1 miles)
Bennett Professional Development Center (0.1 miles)
Paul McDermott Physical Education Building (0.1 miles)
Lied Athletic Complex (0.1 miles)
John D Jakie Gaughan Boys and Girls Club (0.2 miles)
Thomas T Beam Engineering Complex (0.2 miles)
Bill Wildcat Morris Rebel Park (0.2 miles)
Herman Westfall Building (0.2 miles)
Claude I Howard Public Safety Building (0.2 miles)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas (0.2 miles)
Frank and Vicki Fertitta Tennis Complex (0.2 miles)
Lilly Fong Geoscience Building (0.2 miles)
Lied Library (0.2 miles)
Peter Johann Soccer Field (0.2 miles)
William D Carlson Education Building (0.2 miles)
Earl E Wilson Baseball Stadium (0.2 miles)
Holbert H Hendrix Education Auditorium (0.2 miles)
Robert Miller Soccer Building (0.2 miles)
Artemus W Ham Concert Hall (0.3 miles)
James E Rogers Center for Administration and Justice (0.3 miles)
Rebel Recycling Center (0.3 miles)
Marjorie Barrick and Harry Reid Center Museum (0.3 miles)
William S Boyd School of Law (0.3 miles)
William D Taylor Hall (0.3 miles)
Thomas and Mack Moot Court (0.3 miles)
Judy Bayley Theatre (0.3 miles)
Myron Partridge Track Stadium (0.3 miles)
Stan Fulton Building (0.3 miles)
Carol C Harter Classroom Building Complex (0.3 miles)
Eller Media Softball Stadium (0.3 miles)
John S Wright Hall (0.3 miles)
Alta Ham Fine Arts Building (0.3 miles)
Lee and Thomas Beam Music Center (0.3 miles)
Richard Tam Alumni Center (0.3 miles)
Archie C Grant Hall (0.3 miles)
Central Desert Complex (0.3 miles)
Thomas Mack Center (0.4 miles)