Hotels near Claude I Howard Student Health Services

Nearby Places
Hazel M Wilson Dining Commons (0.0 miles)
Mitzi and Johnny Huges Residence Hall (0.1 miles)
Central Desert Complex (0.1 miles)
Tonopah Residence Complex (0.1 miles)
Carol C Harter Classroom Building Complex (0.1 miles)
Eugene R Warner Residential Life Building (0.1 miles)
Cox Pavillon (0.1 miles)
Frank and Estella Beam Hall (0.1 miles)
Marjorie Barrick and Harry Reid Center Museum (0.2 miles)
Margie and Robert Falman Residence Hall (0.2 miles)
Thomas Mack Center (0.2 miles)
John S Wright Hall (0.2 miles)
Lied Library (0.2 miles)
Donald C Moyer Student Union (0.2 miles)
Houssels Building (0.2 miles)
Kitty Rodman Residence Hall (0.2 miles)
Claude I Howard Public Safety Building (0.2 miles)
William S Boyd Residence Hall (0.2 miles)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas (0.2 miles)
Flora Dungan Humanities Building (0.2 miles)
Dayton Complex (0.2 miles)
William S Boyd School of Law (0.2 miles)
Claudine Williams Residence Hall (0.2 miles)
College Town Number Two Shopping Center (0.2 miles)
Thomas and Mack Moot Court (0.2 miles)
Lilly Fong Geoscience Building (0.2 miles)
Paul B Sogg Architecture Building (0.2 miles)
Maude Frazier Hall (0.3 miles)
Herman Westfall Building (0.3 miles)
University Gardens Shopping Center (0.3 miles)
Richard Tam Alumni Center (0.3 miles)
James E Rogers Center for Administration and Justice (0.3 miles)
College Town Shopping Center (0.3 miles)
University Post Office (0.3 miles)
William D Carlson Education Building (0.3 miles)
Robert L Bigelow Physics Building (0.3 miles)
Archie C Grant Hall (0.3 miles)
Holbert H Hendrix Education Auditorium (0.3 miles)
Campus Village Shopping Center (0.3 miles)