Hotels near Charleston Neighborhood Preservation Society

Nearby Places
Christ Lutheran Church (0.1 miles)
Christ Lutheran Childrens Center and Preschool (0.1 miles)
Adcock Playground (0.1 miles)
O K Adcock Elementary School (0.1 miles)
Garside Community School Park (0.2 miles)
Garside Pool (0.3 miles)
Frank F Garside Junior High School (0.3 miles)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (0.4 miles)
Mirabelli Park (0.4 miles)
Mirabelli Community Center (0.5 miles)
Pittman Playground (0.5 miles)
Vail Pittman Elementary School (0.5 miles)
Rainbow Expressway Center Shopping Center (0.6 miles)
Warren Playground (0.6 miles)
Rose Warren Elementary School (0.6 miles)
Iglesia Evangelica Amigos (0.7 miles)
Fremont Plaza (0.7 miles)
Coleman Park (0.8 miles)
Torrey Pines Shopping Center (1.0 miles)
James B McMillan Elementary School (1.0 miles)
Paul E Culley Elementary School (1.0 miles)
New Horizons Academy (1.0 miles)
Culley Playground (1.0 miles)
Silver Ridge Healthcare Center (1.0 miles)
Red Rock Elementary School (1.1 miles)
West Charleston Library (1.1 miles)
Community College of Southern Nevada Charleston Campus (1.1 miles)
Community College West Charleston High School (1.1 miles)
Red Rock Playground (1.1 miles)
Life Care Center Las Vegas (1.1 miles)
Dexter Park (1.1 miles)
Redrock Baptist Church (1.1 miles)
Smith Playground (1.1 miles)
Trinity United Methodist Church (1.1 miles)
Montessori Academy of Southern Nevada (1.1 miles)
Upland Bible Church (1.1 miles)
Trinity United Methodist (1.2 miles)
Charleston West Shopping Center (1.2 miles)
Saint Francis de Sales Elementary School (1.2 miles)